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Litigating For Your Rights After Personal Injury

Wright, Ponsoldt, & Lozeau Trial Attorneys, L.L.P., employs zealous advocacy when representing plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. We help clients recover money for injuries caused by others, while at the same time, we maximize a client’s rights under any applicable insurance policy. Our goal is to aggressively obtain a client’s maximum available recovery from all sources.

Personal injury lawsuits are often the result of motor vehicle accidents, injuries at the place of employment, animal bites and attacks, railroad mishaps, injuries due to defective products, airplane crashes and slip-and-fall accidents. As accidents are the roadway are so common, we often represent plaintiffs injured in truck or motorcycle crashes. We also will bring lawsuits in professional malpractice cases.

Sometimes, insurance disputes arise out of one of these injuries, while other times, disputes with insurance companies arise because the insurance company simply does not want to pay the covered expense.

Detailed Product Liability Representation

Our firm’s product liability litigators are skilled at distilling complicated scientific and technical topics into compelling stories that persuade judges and juries.

Litigation in product liability cases usually involves high stakes, elaborate civil claims brought by plaintiffs stating that they were injured by a defective drug, device or product. Product liability presents multifaceted challenges and often implicates controversial scientific, technical, medical, environmental or regulatory issues relating to the safety and effectiveness of products.

Determined Pursuit Of Class Action Cases

Class action lawsuits concern large numbers of individuals suffering a comparable injury, jointly file an action against an organization or company. Such suits frequently involve products liability matters or issues of consumer fraud. Our attorneys will aggressively pursue such cases while seeking a resolution that will best compensate the group of people in general.

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